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That stuff is alcohol, with red dye. Nope it is not Red Mercuric oxide, so if you drink the stuff, I think your danger will be from the broken glasses, which is very, very, sharp. The things to do nowadays, is a electronic thermometer for general ...


The red liquid inside of a thermometer is alcohol. When the temperature changes, the alcohol expands, providing a reading based on the thermometer's scale. Red dye is used to color the clear alcohol so that someone is able to easily read the thermometer.


Best Answer: Liquid filled thermometers use either Alcohol , F.P -115 c or Mercury, F.P. -38.8 c Pure alcohol is colourless so a red dye is mixed with it so that you can see the temperature.These have to be used in the extreme North. The amount of alcohol in a thermometer is not enough to be dangerous if ...


The alcohol thermometer or spirit thermometer is an alternative to the mercury-in-glass thermometer and has similar functions. Unlike the mercury-in-glass thermometer, the contents of an alcohol thermometer are less toxic and will evaporate quickly. The ethanol version is the most widely used due to the low cost and relatively low hazard posed by the liquid in case of breakage.


What to Do if a Mercury Thermometer Breaks. If you have questions about the potential health effects after being exposed to a broken thermometer, please call your physician or your local poison control center at 1-800-222-1222. ... Is the liquid in the thermometer any color other than silver?


The preferred method of disposal for unbroken mercury thermometers and the mercury from broken thermometers is to take them to a local household hazardous waste collection facility or thermometer collection site if one is available in your area. In the above instructions, you were asked to separate as much of the liquid mercury as possible from the


Mercury in its liquid form has traditionally been used because of its fluid properties of separation and adherence through temperature extremes. It is identified by its familiar silver metallic color. Thermometers containing a blue or red color liquid are most often utilizing an organic fluid, usually alcohol-based.


Rejoining a Separated Thermometer Column. A separated column is one in which portions of the mercury or alcohol become separated from the main column. Column separation is common in thermometers, particularly after transit or other situations producing excessive jarring. In alcohol thermometers, column separations may appear as small bubbles.


Alcohol (spirit) thermometers: The process of shaking the liquid down can take much more time - the video is cut. The alcohol is much lighter than mercury and so it is harder to shake down.


What Liquid Is Inside a Thermometer? ... while red liquid is alcohol to which red coloring has been added. Although uncommon in modern thermometers, a clear color indicates water. Function. The liquid in a thermometer typically stays in a bulb at the bottom of the device. Because liquids expand as temperatures rise, the liquid climbs the ...