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of the distal fibula . anskle appears maintianed. They told me it was broken in 5 spots. I am headed to an orthopedic tomorrow. What is the liklihood I will need surgery ? What am I looking at for recovery ? ...


Closed reduction describes realignment of the ends of a broken bone without surgery. If the broken ends are close to their proper position, an orthopedic doctor uses her hands to realign the broken ends of your fibula bone to allow it to grow back together. A cast may be applied to keep the bones in place as they heal.


How a fibula fracture is treated depends on a number of factors, including where the fracture is located and if other injuries have occurred in association with the fracture. Surgery may be recommended, but usually, a splint or cast is given to help prevent movement. If possible, your doctor can realign your broken bones without open surgery as ...


Medial malleolar fractures often occur with a fracture of the fibula (lateral malleolus), a fracture of the back of the tibia (posterior malleolus), or with an injury to the ankle ligaments. Nonsurgical Treatment. If the fracture is not out of place or is a very low fracture with very small pieces, it can be treated without surgery.


I broke my fibula on 7 May 2016 and was sent for X-Ray. X-Ray shown a broken fibula right into half about 2 inch from ankle with minor displacement. I was on fibreglass for 3 weeks and X-ray still shown the same displaced position except the bone has got 'sticky'.


Answers from doctors on broken fibula recovery time. First: It will depend on how it was treated, by surgery or just y a cast, but an estimate would be 8-12 weeks, it also depends on the type of fracture.


Learn about the different types of fibula fracture or breaks that impact the calf bone at the back of the lower leg. The fibula can break in several places and different ways. We explain the ...


Broken Fibula Needs Time and Patience. Posted on January 8, 2019 ... you do not want to take the risk of prolonging your broken fibula recovery process, re injuring your leg without proper guidance or having your fibula heal improperly (nonunion).


Non-Surgical Ankle Fracture There are many varieties of ankle fracture that can occur. Ankle fractures can be classified by the mechanism that caused that fracture, or the number of locations that have fractured, or by the location of the fracture of the fibula (the bone on the outside of the ankle) relative to the ankle joint line.


The fibula is a smaller bone that parallels the tibia in the lower leg and makes up the lateral, or outside, of the ankle joint. ... Follow-up care for an ankle fracture depends on the severity of ...