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You can start the process of booking a flight on the British Airways homepage by utilizing the Find Flights tool. At BritishAirways.com, enter your departure and destination airports, travel dates, number of travelers, and ticket type, and click on Find Flights to select a flight and complete the bo


The British Airways flight schedule is available over the phone through the British Airways mobile app available for iPhone, Android and Windows phones, or by visiting the British Airways website directly on the smartphone's browser. The mobile app is available for free download from Apple's App Sto


As of 2015, some British Airways charter flights include charter flights from London to remote and less-traveled destinations such as Preveza, Greece; Olbia and Cagliari in northwest Sardinia; and Figari on the French island of Corsica. British Airways also offers charter flights from London to ski


As of August 2015, browsing the ‘Explore’ section of the British Airways website, BritishAirways.com, and signing up for the newsletter are two of the ways to find discounts on British Airways Canada flights. British Airways frequently runs new offers and discounts which are regularly updated on the


As of September 2015, the British Airways app has instant access to upcoming flights. It allows users to do things such as book flights, check in and choose seats, download mobile boarding passes and get gate notifications and lounge Wi-Fi passwords.


Individuals can view US Airways flight information on the US Airways official website, specifically on the Flight Status and Book Travel pages. The website also includes a downloadable mobile app that enables users to check flight statuses from their mobile devices.


The earliest people can check in for a U.S. Airways flight is 24 hours before their flights depart. The latest they can check in is 45 minutes prior to departure for domestic flights and 90 minutes for international flights.


As of 2015, you can track US Airways flights and find additional flight information at by visiting USAirways.com. To access current flight times, click on the Flight Status tab on the airline's home page, and search for a flight by flight number, origin and destination points, and the flight's date.


To track US Airways flights, visit a global flight-tracking site such as FlightStats.com or FlightAware.com. The US Airways website offers flight status information, but does not provide a real-time flight-tracking service.


Online check-in for a US Airways flight is available through the Web Check-in page on USAirways.com, as of June 2015. The feature is available beginning 24 hours before the flight's departure time.