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As of September 2015, the British Airways app has instant access to upcoming flights. It allows users to do things such as book flights, check in and choose seats, download mobile boarding passes and get gate notifications and lounge Wi-Fi passwords.


As of August 2015, browsing the ‘Explore’ section of the British Airways website, BritishAirways.com, and signing up for the newsletter are two of the ways to find discounts on British Airways Canada flights. British Airways frequently runs new offers and discounts which are regularly updated on the


To view British Airways seat maps, visit the British Airways website, hover over Information, and navigate to Seating under Get Ready to Fly. SeatGuru.com and SeatMaestro.com also feature the airline's seat maps. British Airways shows the flight seating plan to customers during the online booking pr


To check your balance on the British Airways miles program, visit the company website, and click on Executive Club in the top navigation bar. Look for the Members Area section, and click on "My Executive Club" to access the login page. Enter your login credentials to see your balance.


To locate a customer support phone number for British Airways, visit the airline's website and navigate to the Contact Us link. The company provides contact details for many of its offices worldwide, including the United States, Canada and Mexico.


Membership in the British Airways Executive Club rewards program is open to individuals that are at least 18 years of age. Residents of certain countries and regions are prohibited from membership.


The flight crew for an Airbus A380 airplane depends on the seating configuration and duration of the flight. For example, Emirates Airline operated with a total crew of 31 on the world’s first A380 service from Dubai to Australia and New Zealand, with four flight crew and 27 cabin staff.


Cabin designs include HOMEPW26946 from Home Plans, DHSW25855 by Dream Home Source and House Plan 24311 from Family Home Plans. These plans are just a few of the ones available from these plan providers. They make plans for a wide range of needs from multiple bedrooms and bathrooms, to larger square


British Airways' carry-on baggage rules state that passengers can bring two carry-on bags onto the airplane. The two carry-on bags include one handbag or laptop bag and one additional bag.


Although the airline does not publicize wages, the take-home pay for easyJet cabin crew members reportedly averages about 25,000 British pounds, or approximately 37,500 U.S. dollars. This includes base play plus additional wages for the number of flights flown and distances traveled.