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Daily Observations How the Economic Machine Works The All Weather Strategy Risk Parity Daily Observations is Bridgewater's flagship research publication. For over 40 years, it has grown to become a daily must-read analysis for thousands of investors and policy makers around the world. Here are a few examples of our research.


Bridgewater® Daily Observations 3/22/2017 For the most part, the populist patterns were clear (e.g., the conflicts within the countries intensified) though they played out in somewhat different ways and to varying degrees in the different cases.


Subject: Bridgewater Daily Observations - "Reflation" Reflation As you know, we believe that we are going through a deleveraging process in which: * Private sector credit is contracting, or not growing fast enough, to produce a satisfactory level of purchases of goods, services and financial assets. If left alone, this


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View Essay - bridgewater_bwam011218.pdf from ECONOMICS 368 at New York University. Bridgewater ® Daily Observations January 12, 2018 ©2018 Bridgewater Associates, LP (203) 226-3030 Greg


Bridgewater Daily Observations 4.28.2009- A Modern D-Day Process - Download as PDF File (.pdf), Text File (.txt) or read online. BW


Bridgewater' Daily Observations 7/21/2015 . 3. 4. Give Feedback The development of a speculative bubble is normal at this stage in the evolution of the development of stock markets (though it could have been better managed through standards controls on margin


3 Bridgewater® Daily Observations 9/16/2015 Now consider an alternative: a portfolio that levers bonds to a comparable risk to stocks, and holds equal risk in stocks and bonds with a degree of leverage in the bonds so that the expected return of the portfolio is the same


2 Bridgewater® Daily Observations 11/15/2011 “Plan B-2 is to pursue the Plan A direction of trying to save almost everyone and to get around the limitations arising from not having enough resources by leveraging up the EFSF commitments. We won't digress into the ways that this leveraging can happen, but we will highlight the big, obvious


Capture information on daily observations, including photographs and videos, using a tablet or smartphone that can immediately connect to a main office computer for review. Create a system to log daily observation recordings, such as a notebook/binder or spreadsheet/database.