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Old-fashioned, comforting cornmeal mush recipe that you can serve as a hot porridge cereal for breakfast, or as a side dish to a main dish at dinner time. Old-fashioned, comforting cornmeal mush recipe that you can serve as a hot porridge cereal for breakfast, or as a side dish to a main dish at dinner time. ...


This is definitely fried mush… My uncle would make this every day. You see on Saturday night he would make the mush. He made enough to make a large loaf and would refrigerate it until it was ready to cook in the morning. He was a bachelor. This was his breakfast for the week.


Cornmeal Mush is one of those great frugal breakfast traditions that’s slowly being lost. It’s very similar to grits, though the cornmeal I buy tends to be ground a little finer. You end up with a hot breakfast cereal that’s a little smoother than your regular bowl of grits. This is very hearty for breakfast, […]


My favorite boss at Personal Gourmet in Arizona, Kevin Hunt, would love it when I brought this into work. Have your favorite salsa handy with some warm tortillas! I have tried this mixture with regular potatoes and even the spiced tater tots...it's just not the same. The best part is you can add as much of any ingredient as yo


Mush is a type of cornmeal pudding (or porridge) which is usually boiled in water or milk. It is often allowed to set, or gel into a semisolid, then cut into flat squares or rectangles, and pan fried. Usage is especially common in the eastern and southeastern United States.


Breakfast & Brunch Desserts Dinner Drinks Ingredient ... Slice cornmeal mush into 1 inch wide slices. Cook in melted butter until golden brown on both sides. You might also like. Breaded, Fried, Softly Spiced Tofu. Easy, delicious, breaded tofu that's perfect as a main course! Get the magazine. Get a full year for $5! ...


i haven't tried this recipe yet but my mom made it when i was a kid . cornmeal mush was always my breakfast and oatmeal was my sisters. my husband is not a fan of cornmeal anything so i haven't made much with it over the years but to me it sounds good. i found a recipe for a polenta lasagna and thought it sounded good so got to looking for a ...


This old-fashioned recipe for Fried Cornmeal Mush is one that won't ever go out of style. Most Midwesterners will tell you it's one of their go-to breakfast staples, while some folks will say it makes a tasty side dish! However you eat it, there's no


If using as cereal, spoon mush into bowls and serve with milk and sugar, if desired. If frying, pour mixture into a loaf pan and chill completely. Remove from pan, cut into slices, and fry in a small amount of oil over medium-high heat until browned on both sides. Serve with sauce of your choice.