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Some good handheld bread slicers include the Chicago Cutlery Walnut Tradition Bread Slicing Knife, the ORBLUE Stainless Steel Serrated Bread Slicer Knife, the Bandoboy 2-1/2-inch Bread Knife and the Update International KP-05 Offset Bread Knife. These knives are rated well for their durable serrate


KitchenAid does not manufacture a bread slicer or bread slicer attachment for any of its products, as of March 2015. Kitchen supply retailers and websites like Amazon.com supply a variety of bread slicers and bread slicing accessories designed for home use. Alibaba.com offers equipment designed for


Making homemade bread requires patience, a good recipe and, without a bread machine, the ability to knead the dough by hand. There are a variety of recipes for bread, including white, wheat and sourdough. There are also various types of yeast, such as active dry, fresh, rapid rise and sourdough yeas


Betty Crocker's Gold Medal Classic French Bread and Old-Fashioned Honey-Whole Wheat Bread are two good homemade bread recipes. These two recipes are easy to follow for the home chef.


Betty Crocker's Gold Medal classic white bread and The Kitchn's basic white sandwich bread are both good recipes. Both recipes yield two loaves, which The Kitchn notes can last for a few days at room temperature or frozen for up to three months.


A recipe for homemade Italian bread is Southern Living's Italian Bread that requires active dry yeast, sugar, warm water, bread flour and olive oil. Start by preparing the yeast, a process that requires dissolving 1 envelope of active dry yeast and 1 teaspoon of sugar in 1 cup of warm water. Allow t


When using a dough mixer, the yeast must first be proofed before adding all ingredients into the mechanical mixer. These ingredients should mix for 7 to 10 minutes, then placed in a buttered pan to rise for 20 minutes. The bread then bakes at 350 degrees for 30 minutes.


Examples of quick breads include banana and fruit breads, biscuits and muffins. Quick breads may be made from batter or dough, and can be poured or dropped in or onto a pan before baking.


Placing a tray of boiling water on the bottom shelf of the oven before baking bread helps ensure the dough develops a rich, dark color. Soaking seeds in an equal weight of boiling water for 10 minutes before adding them to the dough ensures they don't pull too much water out of the dough. Seeds can


To make an easy monkey bread dish, separate two cans of Pillsbury Grands biscuits, cut each biscuit into quarters, and place them in a plastic food bag with 1/2 cup sugar and 1/4 cup cinnamon. Shake the bag to coat the dough, and arrange it in a lightly greased pan.