The monetary currency of Brazil is called the Brazilian Real. The Real consists of 100 centavos, and when written uses the symbol R$. The currency exchange uses BRL as the symbol to refer to the Brazilian Real. More »

The name of Brazilian money is the Brazilian real (BRL), according to The minor unit of the real is the centavo, which is worth 1/100 of a real. The symbol of Brazilian money is R$. More »

Online currency conversion tools are available at and These sites allow users to find the most recent conversion rates for the Brazilian real to currencies around the world and calculate how much a spec... More » Business & Finance Currency & Conversions

The currency of Brazil is called the Real, according to the XE website. The Real's currency code is BRL and its symbol is R$. The minor unit of the Real is the Centavo, which amounts to 1/100 R$. More » Business & Finance Financial Calculations

As of 2014, the currency that is in use in Brazil is the real. The real was introduced in 1994 and issued at par at the time with the U.S. dollar. More »

All forms of Brazilian cruzeiros were removed from circulation in Brazil in 1994, when they were replaced by the real; cruzeiros are no longer valid forms of currency. The cruzeiro went through three devaluations during ... More »

Medieval currency was divided among numerous regional denominations of cash and account money, which was used exclusively for calculating large transactions and did not exist in any physical form. According to Boise Stat... More »