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Each human's brain develops differently leading to unique lateralization in individuals. This is different from specialization as lateralization refers only to the function of one structure divided between two hemispheres. Specialization is much easier to observe as a trend since it has a stronger anthropological history.


Hemispheric lateralization can be thought of as a special case of functional specialization, but other cases, such as the division of labor in the visual system between space and form (41, 51) or category selectivity in occipitotemporal brain regions , may ultimately be found to follow similar considerations. In this regard, it is important to ...


M.T. Banich, in Encyclopedia of Neuroscience, 2009 Hemispheric specialization, also referred to as cerebral dominance or lateralization of function, is a defining characteristic of the organization of the human brain.This specialization is relative, however, because with a few exceptions, both hemispheres can process most all types of information, although they do so in fundamentally different ...


Hemispheric Specialization. Our model of hemispheric specialization for motor control proposes that each hemisphere has become specialized for different motor control mechanisms and contributes its specialization to the control of both arms during functional activities. This model has precedents in other cognitive, language, and memory processes, for which hemispheric specializations have been ...


Entitled “split-brain research,” it took place at the California Institute of Technology (Caltech) in the 1960s. (In scientific literature, the terms lateralization, hemisphere specialization and asymmetry hemispheric differences are used interchangeably.)


But the kick is: this is not a mirror correlation (that is, a majority of left-handers also seem to have a left-hemispheric brain specialization for language abilities). Tricky business, eh? For over 150 years, many researchers have been trying to figure out this robust-but-imperfect correlation between handedness and brain lateralization.


Start studying Ch 4: Hemispheric Specialization. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. Search. ... - of or relating to nerve pathways that cross the cerebral cortex of the brain. ... - lateralization must have been facilitated by a lack of callosal connections


Hemispheric specialization: What, how and why - Volume 4 Issue 1 - John C. Marshall. ... Infantile stimulation induces brain lateralization in rats. Science 201: 1150 –52. [FN] Dennis, M. (1980) Capacity and strategy for syntactic comprehension after left or right hemidecortication.


How Do I Define Hemispheric Specialization? Hemispheric specialization refers to the study of cognitive functions, dividing them up by the hemisphere of the brain responsible for them. Some function locations vary depending on the dominant hand of the patient.


THE HEMISPHERIC SPECIALIZATION OF THE HUMAN BRAIN AND ITS APPLICATION TO PSYCHOANALYTIC PRINCIPLES DAVID A. SCOLA, M.D. Volumes of research have been accumulated over the past decade concerning hemispheric specialization of the human brain. Likewise, over the past century, psychoanalysts have painstakingly unraveled through their clinical ...