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Tree braids cause the least amount of damage. Because there is NO heat or chemicals applied to your hair. All of your own hair is braided in and only extension hair is left out allowing your hair to breathe and grow. These are the tree braids I did on myself. My hair is natural and it was completely protected by the tree braids.


Watch how to do Feed In Braids on Straight Hair: https://youtu.be/Cr3sVCxE3XA OPEN ME FOR PRODUCTS LIST: Follow My Instagram: @Dopeaxxpana THIS IS A HIGHLY REQUESTED ...


4. Halo Braid. Halo braids made with your hair or one pack of jumbo braiding hair. Typically this style is achieved by adding oil and gel to the hair to create a harder mold and then a braid wrapped around the head. The halo braid doesn’t pull on edges because the rest of the hair does the legwork, the edges are mostly there for decoration.


Braid the end piece of hair and tuck it into a band. Add braiding hair if you REALLY want to get your Sade on! Note that this is not an everyday style, as the elastics will weaken your hair over time.


Placing your natural hair in braids, is a great way to protect the hair and style it in a visually interesting manner. As long as braids are installed in a manner that does not apply tension to the hairline or any other part of the hair and scalp, then braids are a great way of promoting hair growth .


You look great! I wear braids about twice a year to give my hair a break from relaxers. They save time on styling and are great for my workout schedule. Braids keep my hair from getting dry and it prevents shedding.


Denying the hair water while in braids is a recipe for dehydration disaster encouraging breakage, the very thing we are protective styling to guard against, as is improper technique when installing or removing. It’s important to use nurturing hair product while in braid extensions (some of our favorites listed below).


1. Be careful about how you style your hair. Getting crochet braids is exciting!! You don't have to handle your twists the way you handle your loose hair. You're getting a break and it feels great. You have these braids that you can do so many things with!


In case you haven’t noticed, I’m back in box braids once again. I really wanted to give my hair a break for the Fall/ Winter season and I also want to grow the front out long again.


Learn how Drew’s Afro (AKA Zelda) transitions into a full head of cornrows & braids, and what a professional hair stylist REALLY thinks of Kim Kardashian’s braid appropriation.