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Box braids, tree braids and micro braids are easy braids for black women. Braided buns and headband braids are also versatile and easy to achieve.


Shred braids, box braids, cornrows, updos and headbands are some of the braided hairstyles worn by black women. These protective hairstyles last from days to months, and they minimize damage from chemicals and heat. Additionally, they work for varying lengths of hair.


Women over 60 can have short hair, but they can also have mid-length and longer hair. Allure.com offers a slideshow of celebrity women over 60 with hairstyles of all lengths that work well. Beauty.About.com advises choosing a hairstyle based on face shape and hair textu...


Women over 60 should focus on keeping hair healthy and well-groomed, according to beauty experts. While hair does tend to change over time, lifestyle factors and genetics can also affect how hair looks and feels.


The pixie, cropped bob, shag, mid-length side sweep and layered long cut are examples of attractive hairstyles for women over 60. Other attractive hairstyles include a modified pompadour, swept-back waves, high crown and a tapered short cut.


Long hair can look good on women of all ages. It is important to match the hairstyle to the shape of the woman's face and facial structure. Layers can add a lot of depth and definition at key areas of the face, such as the nose or cheekbones.


The best hairstyles for women over 60 are various bob hairstyles that fall to a length reaching below the chin, especially for women with a longer facial shape. Long hair styles can work well for round, square and heart-shaped faced women. Hair texture also affects one'...