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Style braids by twisting them into a bun, tucking half the braids up into a pompadour, pulling them into a ponytail or securing them with a stylish headband. Pull your braids into a wide fishtail braid, a French roll, a top crown or a tucked ponytail.


To style hair into box braids, you have to divide the hair into multiple sections within four quadrants and plait each one. Before braiding, the hair should be cleaned, detangled and blown dry.


Cornrows and box braids are braided hair styles for black natural hair. These styles are also popular among women who have a combination of natural and synthetic hair.


Shred braids, box braids, cornrows, updos and headbands are some of the braided hairstyles worn by black women. These protective hairstyles last from days to months, and they minimize damage from chemicals and heat. Additionally, they work for varying lengths of hair.


A selection of pictures of black braided hairstyles is available at The Right Hair Styles for You and Trending Hairstyles.com websites. Both these websites have pictures of black braided hairstyles in different lengths.


Popular goddess braiding styles include two large braids that begin at the front of the hairline and flow towards the back of the head and multiple goddess braids in cornrows. This particular hairstyle is very versatile.


Some braided hairstyles include the classic French braid, waterfall braid, fishtail braid and simple plaited hair. Braided hair designs for African-American hair include Marley twists, cornrow updos and jumbo braids.


Some good hairstyles for thin hair are cropped hairstyles, asymmetrical side-parted hairstyles and hairstyles with front layers. Hairstyles with heavy straight bangs are also very flattering for thin hair. Adding heavy layers on the top gives thin hair some extra volume and texture.


Black braiding is extremely versatile, and there are countless methods for creating a visually appealing and long-lasting braided style, but some are more common than others. These common approaches include French braids, rolled braids, twisted up-dos, long hanging braids and asymmetrical looks. Dec


Carol's Crazy Curls from Latest-Hairstyles is a crochet braid hairstyle that requires braiding cane rows from the forehead to the back, sewing the edges of the hair and creating curly weaves with a crochet needle. The Side-Hawk Suzy hairstyle involves parting the hair to one side and braiding the ha