The pulse of the brachial artery, located in the upper arm, can be felt on the elbow's ventral aspect. This artery is the major blood vessel that supplies the upper arm with blood. More »

The brachial artery is the major blood vessel of the upper arm and supplies it with oxygenated blood, according to Healthline. The brachial artery is continuous with the axillary artery of the armpit and runs down the an... More »

According to Encyclopedia Britannica, a pulse is generated by the opening and closing of the aortic valve in the heart. It is the rhythmic dilation of an artery. More »

The human heart is a four-chambered organ that comprises two atria, two ventricles, four valves, two primary veins and the largest artery in the body. The size of a typical adult heart is comparative to a closed fist, we... More »

The aorta is an artery that originates from the heart, beginning at the top of the left ventricle. The heart pumps blood from the left ventricle into the aorta by way of the aortic valve. More »

A wenis is a slang term used to describe the loose skin on the bottom of an elbow. According to Wiktionary, this “elbow definition” has not been made official and is just a slang term. More »

The skin on the inside of the elbow is the olecranal skin. Bursae are sacs of fluid that protect the elbow joint, which is formed by the olecranon bone and is an extension of the ulna. More »