Bottlenose dolphins are occasionally preyed upon by large sharks and killer whales. They are common members of the family Delphinidae, or oceanic dolphins, and live worldwide in tropical and temperate waters. Two species... More »

Male bottlenose dolphins do not reach maturity until around the age of ten, while females reach maturity and can begin breeding between the ages of five and ten. These dolphins are very social animals and exhibit a wide ... More »

Bottlenose dolphins live in warm waters and tropical waters throughout the world, including the Pacific Ocean, Baltic Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. There are two types of bottlenose dolphins, inshore and offshore, with var... More »

Killer whales, sharks and false killer whales eat whales. False killer whales and killer whales may hunt whales in packs. Humans are largely considered to be the primary predator of whales. More »

Although dolphins are apex predators, they are sometimes eaten by sharks and killer whales; however, their primary predator is mankind. Dolphin pods attack sharks on sight, circling protectively around the weakest member... More » Pets & Animals Mammals Marine Mammals

Otters are eaten by large predators, such as great white sharks, killer whales, bears, sea lions, eagles and coyotes, depending on their geographical location. Humans also kill sea otters when they use fishing gear that ... More »

Sharks, killer whales and humans are the primary eaters of dolphins. Dolphins are near the top of the food chain and employ many defensive strategies, so they are not often eaten by predators. More » Pets & Animals Mammals Marine Mammals