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Alkaline water has become a popular drinking water choice over the past few years. Some people say that drinking slightly alkaline water — with a pH between 8 and 9 — can improve your health ...


Brands of Bottled Water vs. Alkaline Plus PH Ionizing Pitcher. This video shows the alkalinity of Smart Water, Voss Water, compared with the PH pitcher. The Alkaline Plus Ionizing Pitcher can filter and remineralize that water, improve the pH-level to a perfect 9.5 pH and also transform it (ionize it) so it has antioxidants also in the water!


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Like TDS, pH is given an aesthetic objective in Canada. The Canadian Guidelines for Drinking Water Quality suggest that the pH of drinking water should be between 7.0 and 10.5. The Saskatchewan Drinking Water Standards and Objectives recommend that the pH of drinking water be between 6.5 and 9.0.


The United States Environmental Protection Agency says that a pH level range of 6.5 to 8.5 is ideal for drinking water. That’s not to say that bottled water below 6.5 is dangerous, although one 2015 study suggests that some acidic bottled waters could potentially contribute to dental erosion and tooth decay over time .


While a pH of 7.05 is definitely better than some of the other bottled water in our test, it does not met the standard for nutritious, alkaline water. 4. Evian Natural Spring WaterWater from the French Alps is definitely a romantic notion, but with only a pH level of 7.2, Evian barely breaks into the alkaline category.


This is an ongoing test I am doing when I purchase new brands of bottled water. I have read about how alkaline water is good from various sources, and then, there are skeptics that wonder if it makes a difference. I’m not here to debate that; just show a couple brands I tested. There are plenty more brands I have not tested, and will add any more that I purchase. For me personally, I would ...


It can be very confusing, however, to choose between the dozens and dozens of types of bottled water out there. I got this email from Jim, over at Good Health Supplements, and he breaks it down easily by ph level. The body functions best with a slightly alkaline ph level and cannot stay healthy in an overly-acid environment.


Email to Friend Print Page Bookmark . Types/ Brands of Water Tested for pH and -ORP. Results may vary depending on testing conditions. To find out more about the benefits of drinking water with a high pH and -ORP, visit our On Site Library. And read why ionized water is so important Here If you wish to have a water tested for pH and ORP please let us know.


The Best Bottled Water. The best bottled water for everyday use is pure and balanced: It doesn’t need fluoride or Gatorade-levels of electrolytes. And, of course, it tastes good. To find the best, we pulled together the big-name bottled water brands, consulted industry experts, and tested pH levels. Then, we held a blind taste test to see ...