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How to Treat Eye Problems in Boston Terriers. If you have a Boston terrier, you probably know how lively and intelligent this popular breed can be. The Boston terrier is easily recognized by his large wide set eyes. The outside corners of...


Cherry Eye. Boston terriers are prone to prolapse of the third eyelid, a condition commonly called cherry eye. Dogs suffering from cherry eye exhibit a large, swollen, red mass in the inner corner of the eye. According to Mar Vista Vet, in small dog breeds such as Boston terriers this gland is not held strongly in place.


My Boston Terrier has a large swollen area over and under one eye. While looking a little closer at her I found another swollen area on her cheek and head, both are on the same side as her eye. Is this "hives" or an infection?


My boston terrior right eye is swollen and red. No noticeable tearing up. He's been outside playing and he's been inside playing with the cat. He doesn't act like it's bothering him too bad. He is sleeping now but he does that anyway this time of day. Veterinarian's Assistant: I'm sorry to hear that. Could be a lot of things that cause lethargy.


Red eyes in Boston terriers are often signs of dry eyes or corneal ulcers. According to Boston Terrier Rescue of North Texas, dry eyes, or keratoconjunctivitis sicca, are common in the breed. This condition is characterized by a lack of tear production.


Boston Terrier; Treatment of cherry eye Because of the anatomy of the third eyelid, the inverted membrane is difficult to keep positioned even if returned to its natural position. The gland stays engorged and simply flips back over the edge of the lid. It has been determined that this gland produces roughly 25% of the tear flow to the eye.


This is Sharda with Boston Terrier newsletter! Today, we will be about Boston Terrier eye problems! Overall, the Boston Terrier is quite a healthy breed, but, this breed too like many others, is prone to specific health problems. While some of them are congenital, others are the result of the breed’s anatomy and behaviour.


What would cause my Boston terriers left eye to be swollen and have matter coming from it and when he walks he leans his head to one side and when you try to clean the matter out he cries?


Boston Terrier Health Survey. The Boston Terrier Standard for the Breed calls for eyes to be “wide apart, large and round and dark in color. The eyes are set square in the skull and the outside corners are on a line with the cheeks as viewed from the front". The ideal Boston Terrier eye does not protrude but is "set square in the skull".


My Boston Terrier's left eye is swollen!?Help.? We went to the vet 2 days ago he got a Depo shot (said it would clear up his red eyes)AND his rabies.Today his left eye is swollen and he is constantly blinking and it is very watery.Any ideas what is wrong with him? Got meds and I'm leaving right now for the vet to get him check out.