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How to Treat Eye Problems in Boston Terriers. If you have a Boston terrier, you probably know how lively and intelligent this popular breed can be. The Boston terrier is easily recognized by his large wide set eyes. The outside corners of...


You love your dapper little dog. A Boston terrier's big, round, protuding eyes are part of his considerable charm. Unfortunately, this breed's peepers are subject to several hereditary eye diseases, some of which may affect his tear ducts. You can purchase doggy sun visors to protect him while outdoors.


* WATERY EYES * Rachael Middleton asks: "Can anyone please offer me some advice on what I can do about teary eyes? From what I've read its very common in this breed. My BT is 6 months old and the white fur in his eyes wrinkles is now a reddish/brown colour and slightly damp from the eyes watering. This has only started happening in the last month.


* WATERING EYE * Lindsay Tichenor asks: "Hi I have a serious question my 5 month old bt left eye is watering kinda bad her whole bottom eye lid is always wet I want to no why its doing this plz give me ur opinion"


My Boston Terrier, about 20 lbs, has a red and irritated eye. What can I do before calling the vet tomarrow? ... My 8 month old Boston terrier was scratched in the right eye and now i see her eye watering. Her eye is red and irritated and the pupil is cloudy. What should and can I do? ... Our Boston Terrier has an eye that is red as well as the ...


How to Diagnose Eye Problems in Boston Terriers. The Boston terrier is a hugely popular dog breed in the U.S. ... Watery eye: Soreness causes the eye to water, so the dog's cheek may appear wet from tears. Bulging eyes: Proptosis can cause your dog's eye to move out of place, bulging out of his face. This condition is usually fixed with surgery.


Hi new here and would like some help.I'm a first time Boston Terrier owner so this may-be normal. I have a 11 wk old Boston and his eyes seem very runny and there is a rusty colour stain under his eyes.Is this normal or should i take him to a vet?Please help i'm so worried but not sure if i'm being over the top.


Some of the more common eye conditions that can develop in Boston Terriers are cataracts and corneal ulcers, the latter usually in conjunction with corneal dystrophy. The eye is a very delicate organ made up of a number of parts that all function together in order to permit clear vision.


Diagnosis of Watery Eyes in Dogs Because watery eyes can be the indication of a serious problem, do not delay in taking your dog to the veterinarian for an eye examination. The veterinary caregiver will want to know how long the eyes have been watering, and whether there has been the presence of an illness of late.


took to vet, tested, nothing. went home. gave dog shot of activated charcoal, …whale! no more sick, runs, got better. soon after, I notice the eyes! no evident tear stains. wonder if charcoal did a fix. says for allergies, so me thinks table foods, spice, and hard water, (iron) was cause. Still no tear stains, all gone on my white pup.