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Potential negative effects of gossip include depression, suicidal thoughts, eating disorders and anxiety. It can devastate the target's self confidence and self-esteem. Gossip can ruin reputations and friendships, and it may also lead to relational aggression, such as bullying, exclusion and shunnin


Some major gossip magazines in the United States and the United Kingdom include People, National Enquirer, Star, Life & Style, M, OK!, National Examiner and US Weekly. Gossip magazines are generally considered synonymous with "tabloid magazines."


Gossip on black celebrities is the focus of entertainment online magazines Bossip and Urban Belle. Although other magazines often include gossip on black celebrities, these sites specifically target audiences interested in black celebrities.


As of June 1, 2015, the TMZ front page includes stories on Bruce Jenner's gender transition and a date between singer Chris Martin and actress Jennifer Lawrence. These articles are perfectly representative of TMZ content.


Things to do in Boston include walking the Freedom Trail, touring Fenway Park, visiting Cambridge, shopping at Faneuil Hall Marketplace and going to the famous Cheers bar. Visitors can also dine at top restaurants at the South End, run along the Charles River Esplanade and go boating at Jamaica Pond


TMZ runs any celebrity gossip that it legally can, including celebrity feuds, legal woes, family drama, revealing pictures and scandals. The TMZ brand includes a website and a corresponding television news show hosted by Harvey Levin, the founder of TMZ.com.


The entertainment news organization TMZ publishes a wide range of articles covering speculation and breaking events in the personal lives of celebrities, such as affairs, crimes and divorces. Some of its stories are speculation or gossip rather than fact because it relies on tips as sources.


You know gossiping isn't the nicest habit, but you've surely done it from time to time. Find out how you compare to the average gossiper. RD.COM Relationships Friendships Jacob Lund/Shutterstock Gossip feels so wrong, but is so tempting. Who doesn’t love to get their feelings about their mother-in-l


Twitter users reacted fast to the explosions that ripped through the Boston Marathon Monday, but the incident also revealed how social media can only be so reliable in such situations. By Zach Miners U.S. Correspondent, IDG News Service | Twitter users reacted fast to the explosions that ripped thro


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