James Rickards has authored two books, both about financial markets: "Currency Wars: The Making of the Next Global Crisis," published in 2011, and "The Death of Money: The Coming Collapse of the International Monetary Sy... More »

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The first three books by James Patterson are "The Thomas Berryman Number," "Season of the Machete" and "The Jericho Commandment." The next three books are "Virgin," "Black Market" and "The Midnight Club." More »

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You can study the Book of James by reading it carefully and using a commentary as a guide to help you understand what you are reading. Commentaries provide general overviews, in-depth explanation of verses and informatio... More »

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Ann Rule typically turned out two books each year. One of the was a hardback book focusing on a particular crime and its ensuing investigation, while the other was a paperback covering several crimes in less detail. Ms. ... More »

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Since beginning the series, author J.D. Robb has published two books per year in the "In Death" series with the exception of 1998. The series began in 1995 with "Naked in Death" and "Glory in Death." As of 2015, the seri... More »

In The American Crisis articles, Thomas Paine wrote of his support for an independent and self-governing America during the trials of the American Revolution in 1776. General George Washington found the first essay of th... More »

The eight divine stages of unity detailed in the "Twin Flame Reunion Mastery" course book are Preparation, Recognition, Testing, Crisis, Running, Surrendering, Illumination and Reunion. These divine stages are part of a ... More »

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