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According to US Legal, a "flight risk" is a term used to describe an individual who may leave his local or state jurisdiction to avoid criminal prosecution. If a person is considered a flight risk, the court may increase his bail or prevent his bond.


An easy way to check prices on all flights before booking is to enter proposed flight details on a flight comparison site such as Kayak.com or Orbitz.com, and view a list of available flights with a number of airlines. Kayak also offers direct links to other flight comparison sites such as Expedia.c


Life Flight is a nonprofit medical air transport service that services the Pacific Northwest and Montana. It is the largest organization of its kind in the United States as of 2015, providing transport for patients who need rapid transit to a hospital or who cannot be otherwise transported from a re


Non-stop flights are flights where the aircraft makes no stops between its initial and final destinations. They are flights without a connection or lay-over in cities other than the desired travel destination.


The method of booking a flight with frequent flyer air miles may differ among various airline companies. United Airlines allows its MileagePlus members to book flights using their award miles directly through the website of the company, as of 2015.


A chase wall is a wall that is built to hide plumbing or other duct work. Chase walls are often added when home remodeling projects require new plumbing routes or vents.


LastMinuteTravel.com, CheapAir.com and Lastminute.com advertise cheap deals on last-minute flights. CheapAir.com and Lastminute.com offer the option to search for flights within a desired date range to ensure the lowest price.


Some services offered by Chase Bank are credit card services, checking accounts, savings accounts and CDs, mortgage and home equity services, auto loans, Chase private client services, personal banking services, debit cards, reloadable cards, merchant services, military banking services, digital ban


To book flights through Air India, as of 2015, go to AirIndia.in, select Manage Your Trip on the top menu of the home page and click Book a Flight. On the new page, search for available flights, select your preferred choice, provide the required details and then confirm the booking.


To book flights to Miami, search for the most convenient flights on a travel comparison site such as Kayak.com or Expedia.com, and either make an online booking though the site or through your chosen airline's website. Enter accurate passenger information and have a suitable payment method.