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CORONER'S REPORT ON THE BODIES OF BONNIE PARKER & CLYDE BARROW DR. J.L. Wade medical doctor and coroner ... Although not in the coroner's report, it was rumored at the time, that Bonnie was two and a half months pregnant when killed. ... BONNIE'S DEATH CERTIFICATE. CLYDE CHESTNUT BARROW.


The Bonnie and Clyde death scene is a haunting sight. In the book, Ambush, Ted Hinton recalled what he saw when Clyde Champion Barrow and Bonnie Parker were shot and killed outside Sailes, Bienville Parish, Louisiana when they were ambushed by police.


The officers emptied their entire supply of ammunition into the car, firing 130 rounds in all. After the death of Bonnie and Clyde, researchers have found that they were each shot more than 50 times, even though the official coroner’s report at the time said Bonnie sustained 26 wounds and Clyde 17.


Coroner's report on Clyde and Bonnie's death, courtesy of Frank Ballinger, click on Coroners report ! Coroner's report. Coroners report. Posted by muddbosss at 6:22 PM. ... Bonnie Parker, colorized by C.FLYNN. Thanks to Franks Texas Hideout for use of the original b&w photo. Bonnie Parker. colorized by C.Flynn.


Bonnie Parker's autopsy report. The deaths of Bonnie & Clyde at the hands of the lawmen. After the ambush, Bonnie and Clyde lay dead in the car. Bonnie and Clyde layed out at funeral parlor as soon as they were brought in. Bonnie arrives at funeral parlor. Body of Bonnie Parker is removed from the death car.


9 Photos Of Bonnie & Clyde Like You've Never Seen Them ... 23, police shot down the wanted outlaw couple Bonnie Parker and Clyde ... until they were ambushed by police in 1934 and both shot to death.


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(George W. Cook Collection, DeGolyer Library, SMU) by Paula Bosse. This amazing (and amazingly gruesome) first-hand account of an unnamed McKamy-Campbell Funeral Home undertaker details the incredible amount of work required to prepare the bullet-ridden body of celebrity outlaw Bonnie Parker for burial.


OK-- Since some wish to dredge up the Frank Hamer brutal shooting of Bonnie from the right side of the death car, as espoused by Jones, Fischer and Guinn-- such an analysis requires the "bloody dimple" on Bonnie's right cheek, to be an entrance wound not noted by Dr. James Wade within his Coroner's Inquest report of May 23rd, 1934. Either that, or this theory implies a cover-up b...