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Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow were American criminals who committed multiple murders and robberies of gas stations, stores, and banks during the Great Depression of the 1930s, working their way across the country and hitting targets in Texas,


Bonnie and Clyde were buried at different cemeteries in Dallas, Texas. Clyde Barrow is buried at the Western Heights Cemetery right next to his brother. Bonnie Elizabeth Parker is now buried in the Crown Hill Cemetery after she was moved by her family from the Fishtrap Cemetery.


According to the FBI, Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow killed at least 13 people. They did not face trial for any murder charges because they were killed in an ambush conducted by police officers on May 23, 1934.


Bonnie and Clyde died on May 23, 1934, near Sailes, a town in Bienville Parish, La. FBI agents shot Clyde Champion Barrow and Bonnie Parker in an ambush outside the north Louisiana town.


The official coroner's report lists Bonnie Parker's body as having 26 bullet wounds and Clyde Barrow's body as having 17 bullet wounds. However, researchers have stated that there were around 25 total bullets in each corpse.


When putting together a Bonnie and Clyde costume, refer to famous historic images of the pair that display a distinct 1930s style. The Bonnie costume should comprise a calf-length skirt, fitted sweater, beret and black or brown dress shoes. The Clyde costume should consist of a three-piece-suit, fed


Bonnie Parker wore long skirts, T-strap heels and a cloche-style hat, while Clyde Barrow wore three-piece suits with a tie and fedora. Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow were American outlaws during the Great Depression and from photographic accounts of the couple, both wore clothing typical of the era.


Bonnie Parker wore long A-line skirts, a striped blouse and strapped high heels while Clyde Barrow wore a suit with a fedora and a tie. Bonnie and Clyde usually wore standard 1930s era clothing.


Bonnie's costume consists of late 1930s retro fashion, with an A-line skirt, form-fitting top or sweater, and a beret and scarf. Clyde's costume is a pinstriped tweed jacket and pants, white button-down shirt, dress shoes and a fedora.


The exact amount of money stolen during the two-year Bonnie and Clyde crime spree is unknown. Most robberies were at small grocery stores and gas stations, along with the occasional bank. Bonnie and Clyde's robberies lacked the thoroughness that other gangsters displayed during the same era.