The hard palate consists of the left and right superior maxilla bones as well as the intermaxillary or incisive bone. The incisive bone is also known as the premaxilla. More »

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The tongue's main function is to help people eat. It promotes the sucking mechanism and helps transform solid foods into a substance that is easily swallowed. It also helps people determine flavors and tastes because of ... More »

The main function of the hard palate in pigs is to aid in the digestion of food, as a pig does not have as much teeth and as flexible of a tongue as other animals. The hard palate is made up of ridges and is located on t... More »

The brain is protected by one of two main parts of the skull called the neurocranium, which actually consists of eight different bones. The neurocranium includes the frontal bone, two parietal bones, two temporal bones, ... More »

A doctor who specializes in bones is called an orthopedist, according to The medical specialization itself is called orthopedics. The word was first used in the early 1850s. More »

According to a Time article authored by Lisa LaValle Overmyer, people who suffer from low bone density can keep their bones strong by eating certain foods and exercising. Human bones are being continually broken down and... More »