Bone spurs on the foot do not go away on their own, although they can be surgically removed if necessary, according to WebMD. Bone spurs on the foot are normally caused by wearing shoes that do not fit, being overweight ... More »

Causes of bone spurs on the foot include aging, tight ligaments and activities such as dancing or running. They are also caused by pressure on the feet from being overweight or wearing shoes that don't fit well, says Web... More »

Bone spurs can cause pain, swelling, and the development of corns and calluses when they occur in the foot, according to WebMD. Typically the pain is focused in the heel and worsens after sleeping and while walking. More » Health Conditions & Diseases Wounds & Bruises

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A bone spur appears as a tiny, pointed growth on a bone, according to MedicineNet. Bone spurs, which are typically only treated when pain occurs, are generally only visible through radiologic testing such as X-rays, an M... More »

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