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What Happens in a Bond Hearing? During a bond hearing, the person who was arrested is informed of the charges against them and it is determined if they are eligible for bond. This type of hearing is also called a first appearance hearing or a bail bond hearing.


A bail bond hearing is a court appearance during which the defendant asks the judge to release him from police custody pending the outcome of a criminal case. A first bail hearing may be part of an initial hearing in which formal charges are presented -- also called an arraignment -- or be separate from other legal proceedings.


A bond hearing is set within a certain amount of time after a defendant’s arrest. In Florida, for example, a defendant is entitled to a bond hearing within 24 hours after being arrested, so bond hearings are held every day twice a day. Some judges hold remote bond hearings.


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What does bond hearings means? My boyfrend had turn him self in with his lawyer .He has been there for the past 21 days in jail .He has court again but his judge wasn't there, So the lawyer had asked for the bond hearing He's there for burglary and battery ,But the police report only says a physical fight. What does bond hearings mean?


In this lesson, learn about bond forfeiture. Specifically, we will explore the two main types of bond, the bond forfeiture process, and what happens in a bond forfeiture hearing.


‘As the police affidavit at their bond hearing made clear, the men seem to have been drifters, moving frequently from town to town.’ ‘Judge Mary Martin remanded the defendant on his own bond of £1,000 to the May 3 sitting.’


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At the bond hearing the merit of the case or the probable cause for arrest are not discussed. Only the issue of setting a bond is discussed at this hearing. Since the judge only has to decide one issue, a bond hearing does not last very long. Once your bond is set and posted, you should walk out of the jail in four hours or less.


What To Expect At A Bail Hearing. Before appearing in court, it can be helpful to understand what the purpose of a hearing will be, who will and can be present, what specific issues will be addressed and what is expected of you as a defendant.