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History. Initially, both modern states of Argentina and Bolivia were part of the Viceroyalty of the Río de la Plata.Buenos Aires was by then the Capital city, and Bolivia was known as the Upper Peru.Buenos Aires ousted the viceroy in 1810, during the May Revolution, one of the starting points of the Spanish American wars of independence.The Upper Peru was heavily disputed during this war, and ...


Bolivian Argentines (Quechua: Buliwyanu Arhintinapi, Spanish: boliviano-argentinos) are Argentine citizens of Bolivian descent or Bolivia-born people who emigrated to Argentina.In recent decades, Bolivia has become one of the main sources of immigration in Argentina, making Bolivians one of the largest Hispanic American immigrant groups in Argentina, along with Paraguayans and Peruvians.


Argentina: At a glance. Argentina is a sovereign country in South America, with a total land area of approximately 2,736,690 sq km. In 1816, the United Provinces of the Rio Plata declared their independence from Spain. After Bolivia, Paraguay, and Uruguay went their separate ways, the area that remained became Argentina.


Hi, Here is the first draft my itinerary for a trip to Argentina and Bolivia.. I realise that my start point might easily also be Santiago instead of BA.. Initially, I would like to know how much time is required for the trip - I'm estimating about 22 26 days in total.


Bolivia requires proof of yellow fever vaccination if you are travelling from a country with risk of yellow fever. Many South and Central America countries pose a risk (including Argentina, Brazil and Colombia), so if you are planning on visiting other nearby nations, you may be required to get this vaccine.


It's important to be well aware of all visa and reciprocity fee requirements prior to travel, to avoid any disappointments. Read on to learn about visa and reciprocity fees for Brazil, Peru, Ecuador, Bolivia and Argentina.


If you're making your way from Salta, Argentina to Tupiza, Bolivia, then this is the border crossing post for you! If you're setting off a little further north in Argentina - from Juyjuy, Tilcara or Humahuaca - then you'll be following the exact same route.


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Later, the film flashes back to the organization of the celebration, rehearsals, the places Bolivians congregate, their bands, their postcard and photo collections, their labor in textile workshops, their life in humble abodes, and ends up in the border between Bolivia and Argentina, in the Bolivian city of Villazón, with images of new ...


Argentina and Peru Tours & Trips. Find the right tour for you through Argentina and Peru. We've got 137 tours going to Argentina and Peru, starting from just 3 days in length, and the longest tour is 117 days. The most popular month to go is March, which has the most number of tour departures.