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rash caused by an allergic reaction to body lice bites red bumps on the skin thickened or darkened skin, usually near the waist or groin, if the lice have been there for a long time


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To recognize body lice symptoms, look for itchy skin or tiny red bumps especially around the neck, armpit, and groin. You should also turn your clothing inside out and check the seams for lice eggs, or nits, which are small, yellow and white ovals.


Doctors help you with trusted information about Rash in Pediculosis: Dr. Ferguson on body lice rash pictures: Body lice are very small bugs. They usually do not cause a rash. They cling to the base of hairs and lay tiny white eggs on the shafts of the hairs.


An unexplained rash and intense itching are some of the common signs of body lice. This page from the eMedTV archives describes other symptoms of body lice and provides an overview of what the body louse looks like in each stage of its life cycle.


Some people with body lice symptoms face too much itching with attach of body lice and it may soon develop allergic reactions or body lice rash while causing troubles like fever etc. When person keeps on scratching the affected area again and again then it may lead to secondary infections.


Body lice are parasitic insects that live on clothing and bedding used by infested persons. Body lice frequently lay their eggs on or near the seams of clothing. Body lice must feed on blood and usually only move to the skin to feed. Body lice exist worldwide and infest people of all races. Body ...


Body lice are similar to head lice, but have different habits. While head lice live in your hair and feed on your scalp, body lice typically live in your clothes and bedding. They travel to your skin several times a day to feed on blood. The seams of your clothing are the most common places for body lice to lay their eggs (nits).


Body-lice infestation is a prominent public health problem in communities with large populations dealing with poverty, overcrowding, and poor personal hygiene. Reused mattresses and bed linens as well as communal beds are risk factors. Itching is the primary symptom of body-lice infestation.


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