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As usual, those under 16 can only get earlobe piercings with parental consent. Those under 16 cannot get any other piercings, even with parental consent. That is the law. Can I get my nose pierced? No. We are not doing piercings that require you to remove your mask. Updated on 11/10/2020.


Envy Body Piercing is the South Bay's finest piercing only shop with a massive selection in the best medical grade jewelry, to ensure you get the best quality. At Envy we want to ensure your piercing and jewelry quality lasts. Free consultations available. No need for an appointment, walk ins welcom


Stay True Body Piercing is Newington, Connecticut's premier studio specializing in both body piercing and fine jewelry. We are committed to providing our clients (both children and adults) with the safest, friendliest, and most professional piercing environment. Here at Stay True, we only carry the highest quality body jewelry the industry has ...


Tattoo and Piercing Aftercare Products Visit Shop Body Jewelry We have the largest selection of body jewelry in the Greater Lansing area. No matter how large or small, or style you want, we have what you need. Tattoo Information Piercing Information FAQ ...


PIERCING FEES (walk-in only, no appointment necessary) 23rd Street Body Piercing offers the largest selection of ASTM Certified Piercing Jewelry in Oklahoma. We charge a piercing fee and a jewelry fee. Your total piercing cost will be those two combined. Piercing fees are listed below. Jewelry cost can start as low as $11 for a ring and $24 for ...


At SB Body Arts we are a completly custom shop, from the tattoo or piercing side we can customize your experience and get you exactaly what you want. Dustin Mathis. Jamie Shemayme. Jinnifer Grimm. Reviews. Social. Piercing Price list. Basic piercing. All piercings include basic jewelry and aftercare.


Additional Services and Piercings* Item Service Fee Jewelry Aftercare; Earlobe (Gun) Free: $12 and up: $9.48: Medusa: $60: $17.99-$44.98: $15.47: Septum: $60: $15.99-$21.99


“I got a nostril piercing at Rockstar and what an awesome experience! Charlie at the counter was super welcoming and really knowledgeable about the jewelry. It was a Saturday afternoon And there were tons of people in the shop and he was somehow able to manage to give us all the attention we needed.


To save time, fill in your body piercing consent form before your appointment, or arrive 5-10 minutes early to fill in a consent form on the day. Click here to fill in your Body Piercing Consent Form. 48 hours prior: Do not take blood thinning medications such as Aspirin or Advil. On the day: Make sure you are hydrated and have eaten a meal.


Like all genital piercings, the vertical clitoral hood piercing is anatomy-dependant. While most clients requesting this piercing have enough tissue to get pierced, smaller hoods may make this piercing ill-advised. Come in and talk to one of our staff and we’ll set you up with the piercing that’s best for you.