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Bobwhite quail is the No. 1 game bird in Indiana on the basis of popularity and is second only to the mourning dove in number bagged. Since 1940, the estimated harvest ranged from more than a million birds in the early 1940s and late 1950s to less than 100,000 following the severe winters of the mid-1700s.


Common Name: Bobwhite Quail. Scientific Name: Colinus virginianus Diet: Weed seeds, waste grain and insects Family Life: Females lay 12-18 white eggs and begin a 24-day incubation period.Males help in brooding, feeding and protecting the young. Fun Fact: The bobwhite quail is the most popular game bird hunted in Indiana. Want to learn more detailed information about bobwhite quail?


THE BOB WHITE QUAIL. The Bob White Quail, South West Indiana’s indigenous quail species, is the most pursued upland game bird in Indiana. Hunters, bird watchers, and naturalists alike all enjoy the sight and sound of the Bob White quail.


The northern bobwhite, Virginia quail or (in its home range) bobwhite quail (Colinus virginianus) is a ground-dwelling bird native to Canada, the United States, Mexico, and the Caribbean. It is a member of the group of species known as New World quails (Odontophoridae).


While Quail is not my area of expertise I do know that the Bobwhite has suffered greatly over the past 20-30 years in ALL areas of the United States. ... is no clearing of land and the turkey are taking over and the pheasant are no where around,I say the same about the quail in Indiana,I can take you to many,many areas of this state where the ...


THE NATIONAL BOBWHITE CONSERVATION INITIATIVE. Quail data and data services —by the states, for the states. .collect.input.explore. Quail 8 the eighth national quail symposium. July 24-29, 2017. Knoxville, TN. Click for details


Topic: Quail for sale in Indiana (Read 13959 times) galaxie428. Senior Member Karma: 3 Offline Posts: 70. Quail for sale in Indiana « on: June 23, 2008, 11:54:30 AM » We had some bobwhite quail left over from training last year and they started laying eggs. I told my wife if we got a few, it would be neat to see if we could get them to hatch.


BOBWHITE QUAIL: For safe delivery, your order must total 100 or more birds. We can't mix the different breeds of quail to make 100. Before buying these birds, please check with the Regulatory Agency in your state that controls wildlife management. You may need a permit.


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Bobwhite Quail LIFE HISTORY Bobwhite quail in Indiana typically begin nesting in May. Both the male and female pick a site and build the nest together. Most often, the nest is built in a grassy or weedy site that contains scattered shrubs or briars, and is located within 75 feet from bare