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Re: Boat & trailer weights If you use the NADA guides, as suggested above, make sure that you pay attention to if the motor is included in the boat weight. Some are, some aren't, and some include a motor that may be smaller than what you have. And, as mentioned, you also have to add in fuel, cooler, gear, etc.


Trailer Weight Estimates; Use this chart to approximate the weight of a typical boat trailer. These figures are based on a comparison of manufactured trailers and not on any specific Glen-L trailer model.


Trailer Country Weight ChartTop Quality Trailers at a price that won't break your budget


Gross Combination Weight. This is the combined weight of your vehicle and the trailer (Not the tongue weight, but the total weight.) This number cannot exceed the GCWR. GCWR. Gross Combination Weight Rating. This is the maximum safe weight of your vehicle and trailer when both are fully loaded with people, fuel, and all your stuff.


Bunk Trailers. Bunk trailers provide a classic, time-tested design and solid value. They offer superior hull support and security, making them an ideal choice for steep launching conditions and for boats that spend a lot of time stored on the trailer.


The Boating Forum - Boat/Trailer/Motor Weight Estimate - I'm thinking about buying this boat, but it might weigh more than I can tow. What does it Boat/Trailer/Motor Weight Estimate - The Hull Truth - Boating and Fishing Forum


How to Select Trailer Tires with Correct Load Range Rating for Trailer Gross Weight. Question: Hi, I understand that trailer tires have designated load ranges. What I do fully understand it exactly what that load range means. For example if a trailer tire has a 1300 lb load range capacity, does that mean if you had a trailer with 4 tires two ...


Find a boat weight chart on the NADA website. This website lists boats by various manufacturers in an easy-to-use format. NADA Guides makes it easy to find the weight of almost any type of boat from almost any manufacturer. To find the weight, go through the following steps. Visit the website


EZ Loader Adjustable Boat Trailers offers finishes including galvanized, aluminum, and powder coated to the 1000 pound to 15,000 pound capacity.


Reading A Trailer Capacity Plate. Michael Vatalaro. Find out what your trailer is capable of carrying. Obviously, your actual boat's capacity is just as important as your trailer. (Photo: Billy Black) Your trailer should have a plate showing the designed weight capacity. If you're unfamiliar with yours, take a moment to find it.