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Find good templates for logging board minutes on InformDirect.co.uk, HeywoodRealty.com and Template.net, as of 2015, Template.net features multiple templates for taking notes for minutes. HeywoodRealty.com also provides tips and recommendations for logging board meeting...


Find free templates for meeting minutes on SampleTemplates.com and Vertex42.com, as of 2015. Both websites allow visitors to download templates for free in Microsoft Word format. Vertex42.com also provides tips for taking minutes.


Create a template for a board meeting agenda using software such as Microsoft Excel or Word, and include sections for meeting details, procedures, special motions and resolutions. Take care to format the template correctly.


Find free board meeting templates through Microsoft Office and business websites, note Office.com and NorthwestRegisteredAgent.com. Board meeting minutes forms are used to track the agenda items and action plans from meeting to meeting, typically over an annual period, ...


Board game templates are available at ItsyBitsyFun.com, DonnaYoung.org and ToolsForEducators.com. Itsy Bitsy Fun has free printable board game templates inspired by games such as Monopoly and Snakess and Ladders as well as memory-based card games and holiday-themed game...


A meeting schedule template is a blank agenda that lists the general topics that will be discussed during a meeting. Space to list the title of the meeting, the date of the meeting and business objectives of the meeting are normally included on the meeting template.


Start with a header stating the name of the organization, the type of minutes, and the date, time and location of the meeting. Label the document “Board meeting minutes.”