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William R. Mohler is an ecology and organismic biology student at the Florida Atlantic University. He works in the ecology lab at Florida Atlantic University and in an entomology lab at the University of Florida. The current research is on the hydrology of the tree islands in the Water Conservation Areas and an ecological survey for invasive plant species.


Burmese pythons appear to be in the Florida Everglades to stay, just one of a number of unwanted animals that have invaded America. ... (Boa constrictors, an important component of the pet snake ...


Since the mid-1990s, several species of non-native, giant constrictor snakes, such as Burmese pythons and boa constrictors, have surfaced in localities throughout southern Florida. Several are known or suspected to be breeding and appear to be spreading northward. Increasingly, media and other ...


The Florida Everglades is being transformed by Pythons and Boa Constrictors A recent study of the Florida Everglades has revealed some startling facts, mammals of all kinds are disappearing from the Everglades ecosystem; up to 85 to 95 % reduction of mammals have vanished and are no longer being seen regularly. ...


Florida's Python Problem: Snakes Reshape The Everglades The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission launched its first ever "Python Challenge." More than 800 hunters have registered for ...


In Florida: Although native to South America, some boa constrictors live in Florida, and have established breeding self-sustaining populations. This is most common in southern FL, in and near the everglades, where the subtropical climate can support them. You may find boas in Miami or Naples.


A "reptile fancier" supposedly released juvenile boas along the Loop Road (State Road 94) in an attempt to establish this species in the Everglades (King and Krakauer 1966). The common boa is native to Central and South America, where they occasionally reach a length of 4 m (13 ft) but are more typically around 2.5 m (8 ft) long.


Florida's Everglades is a vast area with a climate perfect for pythons to hide and thrive; ... The giant constrictors have also been discovered farther north in Broward and Palm Beach counties.


In the past decade, giant serpents have slithered into the Everglades in large numbers and wreaked unbelievable havoc.


Boa constrictors and northern African pythons live in or adjacent to the Miami metropolitan area, and in their native ranges various python species and the boa constrictor are often found living in suburban and urban areas. As with alligators, the risk of human attack in urban areas is very low but not absent.