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A blunt tipped thermometer is much less likely to damage the rectum. Remember, a thermometer with a long and slender bulb is definitely an oral thermometer while a thermometer with a short and thick bulb could be either an oral thermometer or a rectal thermometer. (2) The stem end of a rectal thermometer is color-coded red. (Remember, the two R ...


The alcohol thermometer or spirit thermometer is an alternative to the mercury-in-glass thermometer and has similar functions. Unlike the mercury-in-glass thermometer, the contents of an alcohol thermometer are less toxic and will evaporate quickly. The ethanol version is the most widely used due to the low cost and relatively low hazard posed by the liquid in case of breakage.


The Difference Between Oral & Rectal Thermometers. There are three main ways to take a temperature--orally, rectally and axillarily. This is done by inserting the thermometer in the mouth, anus or under the armpit. A rectal thermometer may be used orally and axillary, but oral and axillary thermometers should not be used rectally due to a key difference in how they are constructed.


What Is the Red Liquid in a Thermometer? The red liquid inside of a thermometer is alcohol. When the temperature changes, the alcohol expands, providing a reading based on the thermometer's scale. Red dye is used to color the clear alcohol so that someone is able to easily read the thermometer. ... modern thermometer liquid blue thermometer vs ...

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Blue Spirit Thermometer found in: Low Pensky-Martens Blue Spirit Thermometers, Accu-Safe Enclosed Chamber Blue Spirit Filled Thermometer, ASTM Approved Non.. ... General purpose laboratory glass thermometers Red and Blue Spirit liquid filling Uniquid Non-Roll devise attached Packaged in square plastic tubes for storage Verticle numbers for easy ...


Alcohol vs Mercury Thermometers Thermometer is a device used for measuring temperature. It has a temperature sensitive bulb filled with liquid. And there is a scale showing the measured temperature. Normally, temperatures are measured in Celsius degree or Fahrenheit degrees. Thermometers have a narrow capillary tube, which is connected to the bulb with temperature sensitive […]


Friend: Wait...the red thermometer is the oral one and the blue is the rectal, right? Me: No, it's the other way around. Blue is oral, red is rectal. Friend: ...*gasp* CRAP. That means I used the rectal thermometer for an oral temp...Do you think they'll fail me for that? Why didn't someone say something?! LOL I couldn't stop laughing.