Overview of Lionhead Rabbit colors and varieties within the Self color group, Ruby Eyed White, Blue Eyed White, Tortoiseshell, Black, Lilac.

The Lionhead Rabbit is a breed of domestic Rabbits and is recognized in both the ... Blue, Chocolate, Lilac) and Ruby Eyed White (REW), Chocolate & Seal.

The Lionhead Rabbit is recognized in many different varieties and colors. Examples are, Ruby Eyed White (REW), Tortoise (Black, Blue, Chocolate, Lilac)

New faces…I love this blue eyed white lion head bunny. She is so sweet. This pic is from The Happy Mare blog. Great Blog! !!

Blue Eyed White. Picture. Description: Pure White Coat & under Coat Eyes: White Comments: Pictured on the far right is a Vienna marked rabbit, also called a ...

As of February 1, 2014, Lionheads have become officially recognized in the United States as the ... BEW (Blue-eyed White) will be eligible to present in 2017.

Jul 6, 2010 ... Blue Eyed White Lionhead Baby Rabbit

Example of a white fur, blue eyed Lionhead. Care requirements, especially with diet, are generally the same as with other breeds of rabbit, but Lionhead rabbits ...

I have a beautiful cotton Ball blue-eyed white ! ... Los Angeles, California » Lionheads ». $150 ... She's a 1 year old chocolate bunny very skiddish and timid.

Breed : Netherland Dwarf Color : Blue Eyed White DOB : 2-21-19. Gender : Buck Sire : Smush Dam : Cinderella ​This little guy is a sweet little love bug.