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The Blue Dog Coalition, commonly known as the Blue Dogs, Blue Dog Democrats, or Republicans, is a caucus of United States Congressional Representatives from the Democratic Party who identify as fiscally-responsible, centrist Democrats. The caucus professes a pragmatic approach to governance, an independence from leadership of both parties, and a mission of fiscal responsibility and promoting ...


The Blue Dog Coalition is an official caucus in the U.S. House of Representatives comprised of 27 fiscally-responsible Democrats, who are leading the way to find commonsense solutions. They are pragmatic Democrats, appealing to the mainstream values of the American public.


A Blue Dog Democrat is a member of Congress who is moderate or more conservative in their voting record and political philosophy than other, more liberal, Democrats in the House and Senate. The Blue Dog Democrat, however, has become an increasingly rare breed in American politics as voters and elected officials become more partisan and ...


The Blue Dog Coalition was created in 1995 to represent the commonsense middle of the Democratic Party. Blue Dogs advocate for mainstream American values, a commitment to fiscal responsibility, and a strong national defense.


The Blue Dog Coalition, so named by moderate Democrats who felt more liberal members were choking them blue, commanded 54 seats in 2010, giving them some leverage in then-President Barack Obama ...


A Blue Dog Democrat is a relatively conservative Democrat in Congress, as opposed to the leftist Democrat leadership. They have organized a caucus in the House, and usually vote together on fiscal issues.Many come from districts that have been voted Republican in the past, so the Blue Dogs make an effort to appeal to conservative voters.. The Blue Dog Coalition is a caucus of 52 conservative ...


The Blue Dog Coalition began in 1995 after Democrats lost power in the most stunning ... They know the progressive far-left Democrats entering Congress are getting the lion’s share of media ...


This is a List of members of the Blue Dog Coalition.. The co-chairs of the Blue Dog Coalition for the 116th Congress are U.S. Representatives Anthony Brindisi (NY-22), Lou Correa (CA-46), Stephanie Murphy (FL-07), and Tom O'Halleran (AZ-01). The chair of the Blue Dog PAC, the Coalition's political organization, is Rep. Kurt Schrader. Rep.


The Blue Dog Coalition, a fading wing of the Democratic Caucus in recent years, is leaning on a controversial ally as it tries to regain a toehold on power in the House: President Donald Trump.


To find out more about us or to talk to one of the Chair offices, please contact us by email or phone. 1710 Longworth HOB Washington, DC 20515 Phone: (202) 225-4035