Jan 20, 2019 ... Since January's full moon is also known as the Wolf Moon, that's led some to christen tonight's lunar event a Super Blood Wolf Moon.

Jan 21, 2019 ... Here's the Weather Forecast for the Super Blood Wolf Moon of 2019 Tonight! The National Weather Forecast for the lunar eclipse tonight (Jan.

Jan 22, 2019 ... While the moon won't turn red again for several years, there are partial lunar eclipses on ... Skywatchers wowed by the spectacular "blood moon" eclipse Sunday (Jan. .... April Full Moon 2019: The 'Pink Moon' Rises Tonight!

A total lunar eclipse is sometimes called a Blood Moon, because of the reddish tinge the Full Moon takes on when fully eclipsed. The term is also frequently used  ...

Jan 20, 2019 ... You don't really need to call it a “Super Blood Wolf Moon.”

Jan 9, 2019 ... The term Blood Moon to describe lunar eclipses has become all the rage. .... as lead writer for EarthSky's popular Tonight pages since 2004.

It's a supermoon eclipse, and many are calling it a Blood Moon eclipse. The January 20-21, 2019, total ... Posted by Bruce McClure in Tonight | January 20, 2019.

Jan 18, 2019 ... Here's what makes tonight's super blood wolf moon so spectacular. Jan. ... During a lunar eclipse, sunlight falling on the surface of the moon is ...

Jan 20, 2019 ... Visit EarthSky's Best Places to Stargaze to find an eclipse-viewing location ... During the totality, the shadow on the moon often appears red.

Jan 20, 2019 ... A red moon will be visible tonight from North and South America, and Western Europe. Just a few hours later the planets Venus and Jupiter will ...