A red flashing traffic light is the same as a stop sign. Drivers who come upon a blinking red light should stop, and then proceed when the way is clear according to normal driving rules. More »

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According to the California Department of Motor Vehicles, a blinking or flashing yellow light means that drivers should proceed with caution. Unlike a blinking red light, a blinking yellow light does not require drivers ... More »

The color scheme of traffic lights is the result of borrowing from railroad signaling schemes of the time, according to Mental Floss. The first traffic lights were green and red, and amber later became the third color to... More »

The best way to avoid getting a red light traffic ticket is by stopping when the traffic lights turn red. It is also prudent to make a complete stop whenever there is a stop sign. Traffic laws are implemented to bring or... More »

Red spots on the skin can be harmless or a sign of more serious conditions such as leukemia or meningitis, according to Healthgrades. People who have red spots on their skin accompanied by symptoms such as a stiff neck, ... More »

"Failure to obey a traffic control device" means that the driver has not obeyed a recognized, legal traffic device such as a speed limit sign, traffic light, pavement markings or other signage, according to the Adirondac... More »

A traffic light usually remains yellow for a few seconds. However, the exact time depends on the location of the light. For example, in New York City, the Administrative Code requires that traffic lights remain yellow fo... More »