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Blank printable receipts are used to provide proof of purchase when goods are sold or services are rendered. These receipts are useful when a cash register or a computer that creates receipts is not being used for transactions.


As of 2015, find free, printable blank receipts on TidyForms.com and PrintableCashReceipts.com. Both websites feature free receipts in PDF format. PrintableCashReceipts.com also allows visitors to download receipts in Microsoft Word format for a fee.


PrintableCashReceipts.com and BrightHub.com have several printable blank cash receipts for free. As of 2015, users can customize and print receipts from PrintableCashReceipts.com for $7, or users can download receipts from BrightHub.com and modify them for free in Excel...


Printable receipt forms are available from template websites, such as Vertex42, Printable Cash Receipts and HOOVER Web Design. These websites offer universal receipts and specialized forms for business or nonprofit services, such as consulting, donations and rent paymen...


Law Depot and Rocket Lawyer are two websites that offer blank wills that users can customize to meet state requirements and print out for free. Such fill-in-the-blank forms are most suitable for simple cases, notes NOLO.


Printable payment receipts are used as proof of purchase or ownership of goods and services rendered. Both businesses and consumers use receipts for various reasons.


Find printable blank calendars online at Vertex42.com, CalendarLabs.com or ABCTeach.com. Vertex42.com offers printable calendar pages with no numbers or month names in PDF, Excel and HTML formats.