Blank printable receipts are used to provide proof of purchase when goods are sold or services are rendered. These receipts are useful when a cash register or a computer that creates receipts is not being used for transa... More » Business & Finance Business Resources Accounting

As of 2015, find free, printable blank receipts on and Both websites feature free receipts in PDF format. also allows visitors to download receipts in Mi... More » Technology Internet & Networking and have several printable blank cash receipts for free. As of 2015, users can customize and print receipts from for $7, or users can download receipts fr... More » Business & Finance Business Resources Office Supplies

Printable payment receipts are used as proof of purchase or ownership of goods and services rendered. Both businesses and consumers use receipts for various reasons. More » Business & Finance Business Resources Managing a Business

An invoice is a document sent by a business to a client denoting an obligation to pay for goods or services. One primary purpose is to communicate the requirement to pay for the goods. The other is to document the transa... More »

Blank taxi receipts appear on Sample Templates and wikiDownload, as of 2015. Taxi receipts are available to download for free in PDF or Microsoft Word format. More »

Blank rent receipts contain sections for information concerning the date of payment, the amount of payment, the property location, the renter's information and the landlord's signature. Include a section that describes t... More » Business & Finance Real Estate