Cassette tapes can be sold on eBay by creating a detailed and accurate listing, complete with pictures and the condition of the item. Check pre-existing listings at eBay on cassette tapes in similar condition to determin... More »

VHS and cassette types contain plastic and magnetic film so, in order to recycle this material, the case must be opened and the film and plastic separated. Plastic can be easily recycled; however, the film is thrown into... More » Science Environmental Science

Cassette tapes for playing and recording music were thought to be introduced in 1958 by RCA. Prior to the 1950s, German engineers released an item called the Magnetophon in 1935, which was based on the 1928 invention of ... More »

To sell silver coins on eBay, create a listing and title for the silver coins, and place the item in its correct category on eBay. Customize the rest of the listing before making it final, such as the price of the coins,... More » Technology Internet & Networking

To watch an item on eBay, log in to your eBay account and click on the listing for the item you want to watch. Click the Add to Watch List button, located under the Place Bid button near the top of the listing. More » Technology Internet & Networking

One common way to sell old cassette tapes is on eBay, the Internet auction website. A seller must have an active account with eBay to sell old cassette tapes. More » Technology Audio Equipment

To sell an item on eBay, create a seller account, click the Sell link, and create a listing for the item. Sellers manage their listings from the My eBay page. After the sale, the seller arranges for payment from the buye... More » Technology Internet & Networking