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Hi - my dad had a thickening of the bladder wall on a CT scan. (After a week long struggle with blood in urine, pain and urgency). He said he passed 2 stones 1 day after the CT scan. When they saw the thickening, they sent him for a cystoscopy. They say they found a mass/tumor.


Doctors give unbiased, helpful information on indications, contra-indications, benefits, and complications: Dr. Hand on bladder thickening on ct scan: Ct with and without xray dye is a good test for some kidney problems. Not sure what you mean by thickening. Ct shows kidney stones, masses, kidney size/location ; can give a good idea of whether the kidneys are working well.


Differential diagnosis for bladder wall thickening depends on whether the bladder is adequately distended. The bladder wall may be thickened if: >3 mm when distended >5 mm when nondistended; If the bladder is not distended, then it is difficult to exclude artifactual thickening from a collapsed bladder


My history with bladder cancer was first blood in my urine. Immediately following that I had a CT scan which showed thickening of the bladder wall but no sign of cancer. Fortunately my doctor still sent me to a urologist which led to cysto and turbt surgery. The result was a T1G3 (aggressive cancer) diagnosis followed by bladder surgery.


Male 33 yr old. Had Pta G2 2.7cm tumor removed Feb 18/11. Had CT scan done March 31/11. The Ct scan showed thickening of the bladder wall by the right VUJ. My 3 month(13.05.11) Cysto has been changed … read more


Bladder Wall Thickening Causes. The urinary bladder is a pouch that collects urine from the kidneys. As a result of certain conditions, the bladder wall thickens.. Thickened bladder wall causes could be any of the following:. Inflammation due to urinary tract infection can cause thickening.


We obtain an unenhanced CT scan of the abdomen and pelvis to identify calculi, including those in the bladder, that could be masked by excreted contrast material. Unenhanced CT scans also allow measurement of the native attenuation of masses throughout the urinary tract that can be used to assess for enhancement.


CT scan is scheduled in a week and we’re aware there are fairly big chances that bladder cancer might be causing the thickening, but then why is he also having inflammation? Could some infection maybe be responsible for thickening of the bladder wall?


CT has been considered the most useful imaging tool in evaluating patients with KC, and demonstrates a small bladder, diffuse bladder wall thickening, mucosal enhancement, and inflammatory changes in the perivesical fat. 5 Measuring BWT on CT scan can not only identify a pancystitis such as in KC, but can also provide evidence for early ...


Thickened bladder wall ct scan . Premium Questions. What does this pelvic CT scan indicate? MD. Hello, I just received the results from my pelvic CT scan I took on 1/8/15. ... I had a ct scan that showed bladder wall thickening MD.