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Queen of Sheba. The first use in the Bible of the word “queen” refers to a Black woman (1 Kings 10:1). Her name is alleged to be Makeda, but the Scriptures refer to her as the Queen of Sheba ...


The Bible does not state that men are better than women. There are many women mentioned in the Bible that are fine examples for their faith and devotion to Almighty God.


I began to research the black presence in the Bible because, as a faith-based community organizer and person of color, I see that the younger generation is hungry for a faith that is grounded in ...


pt1 pt2 pt3 Pt4 pt5 pt6 Pt7. We talk a lot about faith, and yet we find it is one of most difficult concepts to make a part of our everyday life. We are so tied in and distracted by the fleshly world, which really is Satan’s world, that we forget to trust in The Most High first and believe the promises he has given us in Scripture to those who follow and believe.


Some women think that the Bible doesn't say anything about them and leadership. The Pastor of that church is the head of that church and all women and other men need to fall in behind him.


Though most rulers in the ancient world were men, some women wielded power and influence as well. These women ruled in their own names, and some even influenced their society as royal consorts. The ancient world's most powerful women leaders hailed from countries across the globe, including China, Egypt, and Greece.


The following is a list of women found in the Hebrew and Christian Bibles. The list appears in alphabetical order. The list appears in alphabetical order. Contents


About Women's Lives in Biblical Times. This volume describes the lifecycle events and daily life activities experienced by girls and women in ancient Israel examining recent biblical scholarship and other textual evidence from the ancient Near East and Egypt including archaeological, iconographic and ethnographic data.


The clothing of the people in Biblical times was made from wool, linen, animal skins, and perhaps silk.Most events in the Old and New Testament take place in ancient Israel, and thus most Biblical clothing is ancient Hebrew clothing.They wore underwear and cloth skirts. Complete descriptions of the styles of dress among the people of the Bible is impossible because the material at hand is ...


Your Question: Who is the first black man in the Bible? It is not clear who the first black man in the Bible is. The Bible is not interested in the colour of our skin, but in the salvation of our souls. It never talks about the skin colour of people as a subject that we should be interested in.