The stalwart of black gospel songs for funerals is Thomas Dorsey's "Take My Hand, Precious Lord." Written in 1932, Dorsey's classic is perhaps the most iconic black spiritual of all time. Dorsey adapted the melody from a... More »

People wear black to funerals as a traditional symbol for mourning and as respect for the deceased. The tradition first dates back to England in the time of the Roman Empire. More »

To make a black veil, cut the corners off of a large rectangle of black netting. Gather the shorter edge, sew it together and glue it to a hair comb or barrette. Cover the gathers by gluing on a length of black ribbon. More » Hobbies & Games Crafting Sewing

Some good gospel songs include モTake My Hand, Precious Lord,ヤ モMove On Up a Little Higherヤ and モTouch the Hem of His Garment.ヤ These gospel hits are some of the most iconic in the genre. More »

As of 2014, payment to pastors for conducting funerals can range from nothing to a few hundred dollars, depending on the pastor's personal choices and those of his church. The pastor's honorarium can usually be paid eith... More »

The Knanaya Vision website acts as an informational and communal hub for members of the Knanaya religion, and it includes a streaming broadcast that often shows the funerals of Knanaya members. Funerals loosely follow th... More » Holidays & Celebrations

Knanaya Voice telecasts live funerals online, and it also provides obituaries that include the dates and times of upcoming live funerals. To view the live funerals, click on the Obituaries tab and select an obituary. Som... More » Holidays & Celebrations