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Grape vines grow on trellis wire systems on or off wooden posts. Three types of trellis wire systems are high cordon, umbrella kniffin and vertical shoot position systems.


Prune grape vines with pruning shears, taking off significant amounts of new growth during the dormant period of late winter. To prune a heavily overgrown grapevine, cut as much as 90 percent of the plant's total growth down to the major trunk to encourage new growth.


Grape vines should be planted in the early spring when the soil becomes pliant and workable. Planting in the spring as early as possible gives the vines ample time to grow.


Grow grape vines by choosing the right type of plant for your location, planting the vines in a good site, constructing a trellis, mulching the plants, fertilizing the plants and pruning the vines often. You need bare-root grape vines, a garden trowel, a trellis, mulch, fertilizer and pruning shears


The ultimate healthy height for grape vines is between 5 and 6 feet. Grapes grow best with a main trunk and two side canes.


Table grapes are a type of grape that a person can eat raw. They contain many nutrients that are good for a body's tissues, and they ward off different diseases, such as cancer.


Grape vines can be pruned through multiple methods, and cane pruning is one of the most common. This method creates a permanent central trunk on established vines, and it takes about 20 minutes per plant. The process requires pruning shears and plant twine or another tying material.


According to Europe for Visitors, the Great Vine is the world's largest and oldest vine. As of 2013, the vine is about 230 years old and is located in the Hampton Court Palace Gardens of Greater London.


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Grapevines usually are pruned in the winter, after the coldest weather is past. This timeframe coincides with late February through March for much of the country, although the optimal pruning time varies for each growing zone.