A black spider with a white spot on its back is most likely Phidippus audax, a member of the Salticidae family. The arachnid is commonly known as the daring jumping spider and the bold jumping spider. More »

The white-spotted, bold or daring jumping spider is fuzzy and black with white spots on its back and white stripes on its legs. Occasionally the spots on its back, known as the abdomen, are orange, reddish or gray. Usual... More »

A black snake with white spots could be either a speckled kingsnake or a juvenile black racer. Neither snake is venomous. Their diets consist of small mammals, insects, birds and other snakes. More »

A jumping spider is black, and the spot on its back is often white. However, some of these spiders have an orange mark instead of a white one. Jumping spiders frequently have black-and-white striping on their legs that h... More »

Although it is not the only example, a common spider with a white dot on its back is Phidippus audax. One of the jumping spiders, it is fuzzy, black and about ¾ inch in length, with a distinct but irregular spot ranging ... More »

The regal jumping spider, also known as Phidippus regius, is a member of the Salticidae family named for its incredible jumping ability. Despite reaching an average of just 12 to 15 millimeters in size, the spider is the... More »

Black widows are a shiny black spider with a notorious red hourglass shape on their underbellies. While a female spider is about 1.5 inches long, the male spider is half that size. Males are also lighter in color with pi... More »