According to GQ, it is acceptable to wear dark brown shoes with navy pants. A lighter shade of brown, such as tan, is not appropriate, because men's shoes should be at least as dark as their pants. Refusing to combine da... More »

While black pants and a blue shirt technically do not match, they are very often worn together. Mixing black and blue successfully depends mostly on the shade of blue chosen. More »

Black shoes can be worn with khaki pants. Black and brown are neutral colors that can be mixed together, and shoes of both colors are a good match for khaki pants. More »

Examples of preppy clothes include Izod collared sport shirts, button down shirts, plaid pants, khaki pants, needlepoint belts, duck shoes, Top-Siders, loafers, dark blue blazers, fleece pullovers and tunics. Preppy clot... More » Beauty & Fashion Clothing

Van Heusen sells clothing items such as blouses, skirts, pants and shoes for women. The Van Heusen's women's collection of clothing is only available at Van Heusen Company stores, as of 2015. More » Beauty & Fashion Clothing

Fashions that work best for women with wide hips and a small waist are off-shoulder fit-and-flare dresses, structured jackets, A-line skirts, embellished tops and boot-cut pants, according to Kat Collings on Who What Wea... More » Beauty & Fashion Clothing

Forever 21 sells tops, pants, rompers, outerwear, and dresses and skirts for all types of occasions. They also sell accessories and shoes. The clothing categories listed on its website include styles of shirts such as gr... More » Beauty & Fashion Clothing