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Red and green European grapes have approximately 3 calories and less than 0.1 grams of fat per 0.2-ounce grape. Grapes also have no cholesterol or sodium and only 0.9 grams of carbohydrates.


According to Jewelry Notes, a black sapphire is a type of sapphire that has a nearly opaque appearance. While the stone itself is blue, it's so dark that it absorbs all light entering it, resulting in the appearance of a solid black stone.


According to Medical News Today, 1 cup of green grapes, or about 32 grapes, contains 104 calories, 1.09 grams of protein, 0.24 grams of fat and 1.4 grams of fiber. It also contains 4.8 milligrams of vitamin C, 10 micrograms of vitamin A, 288 milligrams of potassium, 0.54 milligrams of iron and 3 mic


Sapphire is a very valuable blue gemstone, but it can take on a variety of colors, including white, yellow, pink and green. It is made from a colorless mineral called corundum, but this mineral contains trace elements such as iron and titanium that can turn it blue.


According to the International Colored Gemstone Association, some of the oldest sapphires are located in Sri Lanka. Sapphires can be found in India, Burma, Vietnam, Thailand, Australia, Brazil and Africa. These blue gems are also discovered in large gemstone deposits in Madagascar and Tanzania.


The largest deposits of sapphires are found in Madagascar, Eastern Australia, East Africa, China, Sri Lanka, Thailand and Montana. At one time, Madagascar produced more than half of the world's sapphire supply. These gemstones are mined from igneous and metamorphic rock.


Examine a sapphire under strong light with a jeweler's loupe to look for scratches, bubbles and light reflections that indicate the stone's origins. If in doubt, a certified gemologist can give a definitive answer as to whether or not the stone is genuine.


Grapes contain antioxidants, such as lutein; flavonoids, such as myricetin; vitamins A and C; folate; potassium; iron; fiber and other nutrients that make them good for health. The antioxidants and flavonoids eliminate harmful free radicals from the body, while vitamins and minerals bolster body fun


Grapes most likely originated near the Caspian Sea, though no one knows for sure. They are an old plant, as certain species from the wild have been found at archaeological sites that have been dated back 130 million years.


The grape is one of the top 10 favorite fruits in the world along with mangoes and bananas, according to Top Food Facts. There are more than 8,000 varieties of grapes worldwide. These small fruits are available in purple, white, black, blue, green and golden.