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Each stick will burn approximately 30 minutes – setting ablaze even the most stubborn wood. The Black Rock Powder Company dynamite fire starters make a handsome and functional home accessory!!! Imagine the reaction your friends and family will have when they first set their eyes on a crate of Black Rock Powder Company dynamite fire starters!


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Black Rock Powder Company manufactures both new and remanufactured ammunition for pistols and rifles. Their pistol ammunition includes the .38 Special, .380 Auto, .40 S&W, .45 ACP and 9mm Auto. The .223 and .308 are the only 2 rifle calibers available. Black Rock Powder Company is located in the U.S. so it’s Made In America.


Black Rock Powder Co Firestarter Refill Measurements Stick of Dynamite 1 1/4" diameter x 8" long. Materials Fire starter stick-paraffin and sawdust. Fire starter burn time is approximately 30 minutes. 20 pcs of fire starters (Box Not Included). Made in the U.S.A.


Shock your guests when you grab one of these deviously disguised fire starters. They'll think you’re planning to blow them sky high, when all you’ve really got in mind is starting a nice cozy fire. Burns for 30 minutes. 16in.L x 10in.W x 6 1/2in.H crate contains 20 sticks.


Don’t search for the best sales this Winter. We’ve got the best prices for black rock powder company dynamite fire starter sticks - crate of 20 and other amazing Fire Starters deals.


Buckley Powder Co. is a supplier of goods and services to the mining, construction, seismic exploration and energy exploration industries. Additionally, we serve Power Plants, EOD contractors, law enforcement and demolition firms.


Add a piece of history to your hearth with a Black Rock Powder Company novelty crate full of dynamite fire starters. Each crate is made with beautiful cedar wood and is built to last.


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