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Pregnant Molly Fish Babies? How Long? ... I will attest to having babies survive and living strong lives. This is a great route to take that doesn’t involve too much work. Plants with big leaves work really well because they have a lot of coverage for the fish to take corners in and hide. Here is a plant that we order for our tanks.


my molly fish had babies last night (was not expecting it to be last night at all). all of the babies are at the bottom of the tank trying to hide in the rocks. one of them comes up to the top sometimes but otherwise it just stays down.


Breeding. Black mollies are easy to sex, and the females will be larger than the males and have a triangular anal fin. Meanwhile, the males will be smaller, and have a gonopodium, which is a modified anal fin that serves the purpose of hooking onto the female and depositing sperm.


How to Take Care of Molly Fry. Whether you are getting your fry from a pet shop or have a female molly fish that is ready to give birth, it is important to ensure that you have the right setup for your molly fry as soon as they arrive. You...


Black Mollies tend to have between 20 and 30 babies, or fry, but not all of them will survive because the mother tends to eat her young.


Almost all black mollies will be born with a serious case of melanism, which is a skin condition opposite to albinism (the lack of color pigmentation). While the majority of Black Molly fish are completely black, they can sometimes be found with a streak of yellow which runs down the dorsal fin, or a slight silvery color on the flanks.


On 16th December, 2011, a WHITE MOLLY gave birth to 100 babies within 2 hours in my Aquarium. This video shows the birth of the babies in sequence and the stages of development over a month.


I took a long break from livebearers and had some tetras and angelfish. I had a Dalmation Molly that had 14 babies and only one made it to this day. The mom and dad got eaten and I moved the baby one to its own tank immediately. I just bought him an all black girl and she just had 9 babies two days ago! Black babies are the absolute cutest!


how do u know when a black molly is about to give birth and how long is it pregnant for? need help please!