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June 25, 2019 July 7, 2019 by Black History In The Bible Yesterday I ran across a new piece of evidence that was interesting, but seemed too good to be true. And before I shar...


Bible verses about Black History. John 3:1-16 ESV / 24 helpful votes Helpful Not Helpful. Now there was a man of the Pharisees named Nicodemus, a ruler of the Jews.


See 'Black History' instances in the King James Version (KJV). King James Bible Online. KJV Standard; KJV 1611; ... "BLACK HISTORY" in the KJV Bible. 18 Instances - Page 1 of 1 - Sort by Book Order ... Related Bible Topics. Black And White Marriage Black Crows Black History Black Magic Black Men History The Black Race


Yes! That is a fact, your black ancestors wrote the Bible! Therefore, the Bible is the definitive black history book that tells black history going back 6000 years. The Bible was written by the people known as the Hebrews. Contrary to what you may have heard or thought, white people did not write the Bible (Old Testament).


"And a certain Jew named Apollos, born at Alexandria, an eloquent man, and mighty in the scriptures, came to Ephesus." - Acts 18:24 Although mainstream Christianity loves to present a Eurocentric view of the Bible, Apollos was just one of many apostles that was either described as having black skin or originated from some part of Africa.


Beliefnet presents a gallery of spiritual moments in black history from Harriet Tubman's divine dreams and the prophetic significance of Martin Luther King's name to Malcolm X's journey to Mecca ...


Astonishing Landmark information from the Black History Books on this site, shows black ancestors wrote the Bible. Therefore, the Bible is the definitive black-history-book that tells black history going back 6000 years


Black History Month is a time to remember and study the contributions of black Americans to the history and culture of the United States. The Bible has played a significant role in the lives of black Americans. Join Museum of the Bible in a 10-day plan to discover how the Bible impacted people like Frederick Douglass, Martin Luther King Jr., and Rosa Parks.


Spiritual death and resurrection of the black man – The spiritual death occurred when the black man strayed away from his Creator. In the Bible, the children of Israel fell away from their God, they continue in a perpetual backslide, meaning they constantly are falling away from their God. This made them spiritually diseased. They were …


Queen of Sheba. The first use in the Bible of the word “queen” refers to a Black woman (1 Kings 10:1). Her name is alleged to be Makeda, but the Scriptures refer to her as the Queen of Sheba ...