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Stove top cleaners designed for gas stoves are used by spraying the cleaner onto the surface of the stove top after the griddle and grates have been removed. The cleaner should completely soak the surface -as directed on the product label- and wiped down with a damp clo...


Cerama Bryte Ceramic Cooktop Cleaner, Weiman Glass Cook Top Cleaner and Whirlpool Cooktop Cleaner are all designed to work on smooth stove tops. Cerama Bryte is recommended by GE and the manufacturer often includes a sample with its stoves. A special scraper is also ava...


A gas stove is a cooking unit powered by natural gas instead of electricity. Natural gas mixes with air and, once the stove is turned on, ignites into a flame when it is sparked by the ignition system. This flame is the heating component of the oven.


As of 2015, one of the best stove cleaners is Easy-Off Fume Free Max Oven Cleaner, according to About.com. Users can spray the fume-free cleaner and wipe immediately or choose to let it sit for an hour or overnight.


As of 2015, gas stoves are often more popular with professional chefs who want to be able to make rapid adjustments to heat output. Electric stoves, however, tend to maintain low heat more precisely.


A gas stove burns natural gas to produce heat for cooking. Gas stoves may use electronic ignition systems, or they may use a pilot light to keep a flame going for easy ignition. Burner controls adjust the amount of gas flow, while the oven uses a thermostat to maintain ...


Top rated gas stoves include the Kenmore line available at retailer Sears. The best gas range, according to Good Housekeeping, is the Kenmore Elite 78923 which may be picked up in-store or delivered free of charge.